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Wall of Sound 源自於吉他的演奏效果,渾厚的像一堵穿不透的牆,時而被包覆、時而需要衝撞。



The name of the brand" Wall of Sound" comes from a guitar effect that is also called the wall of sound, and it sounds like a great wall. Sometimes it will surround you, and sometimes it need to be broke through.

From late 2014, we're trying to give a new explanatory idea from each other's familiar cultures and values. We influenced by music and use the idea of the wall of sound to step over the limit of communities, standpoint, and awareness. Named by music, and shaped by the cloth. Transboundary and unexpected. Conflicting and contrasting. We deconstruct the original appearances, then put our common grounds and differences into it. We're not expecting the perfection, but to create unique values of a brand.